I have fond – if painful — memories of the time in high school when I tried to sneak into the girls’ locker room after a swim match and spy on them. Our match was over by 8:30 pm and it was already going on 10, and I was the only guy left from our team. Somehow my horny little body got the best of me and I started to peek into the girls’ locker room.Well, the door was invitingly open and there were four girls still there getting dressed. I guess they figured all the guys were gone, since they were walking around without paying any attention to the open doorway. The woman’s swim coach, a shapely amazon named Miss Johnson, was sitting on one of the benches, and they were all laughing and talking about the victory that the boys and girls teams had won that night. We really were good that year and everyone from the girls and boys team knew each other and we got along great, just like sisters and brothers. We would joke back and forth and complain about the skimpy swimsuits we had to wear. The girls’ suits showed just as much as ours; you could see every outline of every part we owned. The suits fit like a second skin, compressing the girls’ boobs and outlining their sexy groin groove almost as well as they did the guys’ “meat and potatoes”. As it was, it was not unusual to walk by and even stop to chat as we went to get dressed; it just didn’t seem to matter if we saw each other half-dressed … until that night.

The adrenalin was still flowing after the match, and I guess I was more turned on than usual. It wasn’t like I had never seen the girls before, but I’d never seen any of them completely nude like this. I couldn’t help myself. I stood in the doorway, just to the side, and I was enjoying the view as my little hard-on got harder and harder inside my Speedo swimsuit. I was turned on by the sight of those nice tight young bodies and the coach, being just 24 years old, was in nice shape too.

When the coach saw me by door and I quickly turned to walk towards the boys showers when she said, “Hey, D is here. Come on in. You did a great job tonight, didn’t he girls?” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room and then it hit her. She looked down at my hard-on trying to rip through my trunks and said, “Oh my, you’ve been watching us haven’t you? Just how long have you been standing there, D? You know we warned you boys about peeking and I told the girls the same thing. I don’t care what you do on your own time but I won’t have you boys, or the girls, allowing your hormones to get in the way of the meets!” The girls were giggling and laughing as I the coach was holding my hand. I was red as a beet, embarrassed, and my free hand was in front of me trying to hide my hard-on.

“Now I thing we need to teach D a lesson, don’t we girls?” said the coach, as she stepped to my side, grabbed my free hand and pulled my arms to each side, completely exposing my raging hard-on to the girls. “See girls, he’s excited to see us!”

They all laughed and I was saying “I’m sorry coach. I was just walking by… really… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to, “ One girl still had her suit on, one was completely naked and the other two had already put their bra and panties on. The coach must have been just about ready to shower as she had her skirt on, but her blouse was open exposing a great laced bra.

“Well, come on girls, line up and give D a good look. Come on, stand right in front of him so he can get an eyeful. Let’s see if his dick gets any bigger.” The coach let go of my arms. “Now stand right there D and I want your hands at your sides.” The girls were laughing and stood right in front of me. One half dressed girl boldly stripped off her bra and wiggled her boobs at me. Her panty and bra clad friend was slow to do the same, so she unhooked the girl’s bra and removed it for her. “Let’s go all the way, girls,” the coach said, so the topless girls took off their panties as well. Both of them had nice shaved beavers, since it reduces the drag when swimming.

The girl in the swimsuit removed her suit, and now I was faced with four very cute and completely nude teenage women, not to mention the coach with her boobs trapped in that white lace bra. Diane, the girl who had wiggled her boobs at me, put her hands on her hips and spread her legs wide, so I couldn’t help staring at her fantastic pink pussy lips. My cock was pounding like a jackhammer and the girls couldn’t help but see it swelling even more through my Speedos. They giggled and joked about it, but I didn’t care. I didn’t know if I I had gone to heaven right then, but I did know that I wasn’t about to get off that easy. The coach grinned at the display of female flesh and then stepped in front of the girls. She said, “Well, D, now you’ve seen what you were after, and the girls do look great, don’t they? But I bet you’ve never seen a grown woman’s body before, have you?”

With that, the girls went silent and their eyes widened as the coach stepped out of her skirt and slipped off her blouse, standing there in just her underwear. God, she had a great body. How I wanted to see those big tits of hers unwrapped! “Now girls this is what I have said about the boys. Look at those things between his legs (as she grabbed each of my knees with her hands and spread my legs apart). Don’t you move, D. I’m making a point!”

“See how boys get excited? That’s why we can beat them in the matches. Their body dynamics are not smooth like ours. Now if we could just keep them soft… this,” then she mildly struck my cock and balls with the back of her hand, “would not be an issue in the pool or in the locker room!” I doubled over just a bit as it was more a surprise than it hurt, and the girls all began laughing again at my obvious embarrassment.

“Now girls, don’t you think we owe it to D to help him get rid of that ugly hard-on so he can be slim and trim in the water for his team? And I think you agree we need to teach D that trying to sneak a peek at the girls locker room has its price!” The girls were laughing and they were all saying, “Yes, coach. Let’s teach him a lesson!”

“Then Kathy, come over here and hold D’s right arm. Diane, come over and hold his left arm. Amy, hold his right leg out and Kim come over here and hold his left leg out. What do you think we should with you D?” The girls were holding my legs and arms apart and then Kathy smacked my ass with her free hand and the coach laughed. “I think we’re on the right track girls!” She walked behind me and pulled my trunks down so that my front was still covered but my ass was bare, and she slapped me several times, which only made my dick get harder still.

“I’ll tell you what were going to do, D. I think you need a good kick in the balls to help you control your hormones, both to teach you a lesson and to help you trim up for your team. You just can’t swim like that and expect to win. Your big dick just going to get in the way, so really this is for your own good.” The girls were silent now, and they tightened their grip on me as they agreed. “Yes, let’s kick him in the balls!” said one naked cutie. “Can we all kick his balls, coach?” asked another.

I was pleading and begging, shaking and saying I was sorry, but the coach lifted my chin with her hands. “This really is for your own good D, and I can bet you won’t be peeking into our locker room after we’re done anymore, will you?”

I said, “No I won’t, Miss Johnson, just don’t hurt my balls, pleeeease, “

“All right girls, each of you get one shot at his balls, but I only want you to use your knees. No kicks this time. He’s got a meet in two days and he has to win. Now I’ll go first and watch me and do the same thing, and then we’ll rotate.”

The coach walked in front of me and reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled it to the side and slowly slid her knee up to my balls. “Ready, D?” I was shaking so badly that the girls had to hold me up. “Now count out loud girls, and help him to stand up after I knee his nuts for him.” The excited girls slowly counted off … “one…two… THREE!” Miss Johnson’s knee slammed up hard into both my poor balls, and she was pulling on my cock at the same time. The girls held me up when I doubled over and kept me from falling down. I’d never been hit in the balls before, not even in sports like most guys, and the coach had nailed me there perfectly. I was shocked at how much it hurt. It almost felt like my balls were on fire! “There D, that wasn’t so bad was it? Only four more knees in the nuts to go!” All I could do was groan and beg for mercy.

But there would be no mercy from this woman. “Come on Kathy,” she said. “It’s your turn next.” The coach pulled my balls out of my speedos so that the girls could see exactly what they were aiming for. “There they are, girls,” she said. “A man’s weakest spot and a woman’s favorite target. Go get ‘em.” My throbbing balls dangled loosely between my legs, totally exposed and defenseless. I do have low hangers, and the girls’ eyes seemed to be glued to them. The coach took Kathy’s place holding my arm, and Kathy moved around in front of me. “All right Kathy, you can see your targets now, so aim carefully.” The coach grabbed my bent hard-on with her free hand and Kathy’s bare knee came slowly up to touch my nude balls, and she was shaking with excitement too, “Come on, Kathy… on three.”

Kathy, a sexy little blonde with cupcake tits and delicious looking shaved pussy mound, had this concerned look on her face. “But coach, doesn’t this hurt him a lot? I mean… you already hit him there once. Maybe we should just…”

The coach laughed, “You’re going to learn Kathy, that a guy’s balls can take a lot of punishment. And besides, you’re going to like being in control this way too. Busting a guy’s balls is fun. Come on, he’ll be fine. Won’t you D?”

Then Kathy looked straight into my eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry.” She put her hands on my shoulders and took careful aim.

“Come on,” said the coach as she began the count. “One… two… THREE!”

Kathy slammed her knee straight into my balls much harder than I had expected from her, ramming them up against my groin as though she meant to drive them into my throat. As I doubled over in pain, this sadistic look came over her face — and she was smiling! Looks like Miss Johnson was right. I hadn’t realized before that just how much some girls really like busting a guy’s nuts. Sweet little Kathy was practically glowing with excitement.

“Oh God, coach! That was cool! That felt so great! Can I do his balls one more time? Pleassseeee?” She reached down a grabbed my balls and squeezed them repeatedly, adding even more pain to my misery.

“Not now Kathy. Maybe some other time. Let go of his balls and let the other girls have their turn.” She reluctantly did so, and then I had to take three more hard knees from the eager nude girls; and all the while the girls were laughing at me and the coach pulling my cock out of my shorts for the girls to gawk at. First Diane, then Amy, and finally Kim did their best to pound my balls back up into my body. “Damn, D,” the coach said, shaking my dick in her hand when they had finished. “You’re getting harder, not soft! You must like getting your nuts busted. But I have an answer for that.”

“All right girls, let him go,” she finally ordered after everyone had had a turn. I slid to the floor holding my throbbing balls, and to my surprise, there wasn’t that much pain anymore after all. That first knee shot from Miss Johnson had been a killer and had clearly hurt the worst, while the second from Kathy was certainly bad enough. But the last three blows were all pretty much the same. Maybe my nuts were sort of numb from their initial pounding. And to tell the truth, it was kind of sexy getting hit down there in my most private parts by those cute and naked girls.

After a few minutes I managed to sit down on the bench, and the coach sat next to me. “Are you ok, D? Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Maybe we should do this for you once a month to keep you in training – and make the girls happy. What do you think, girls?”

Well, the girls all agreed that that was a fine idea, though I wasn’t so keen on having my balls worked over on a regular basis. But Miss Johnson said, “Come on girls, the fun’s over for today. Get dressed and let’s go home. And let’s keep our little adventure to ourselves. You don’t want the other boys becoming jealous,” she said with a sly smile. “I’ll sit with D until he’s able to leave too.”

After a half hour the girls were gone, and I was sitting on the bench beside the coach drinking the orange juice she had given me. “Now you know why I had to do this don’t you?” I said yes. “But it still looks like you haven’t learned to control your hard-on. There’s nothing wrong with having a hard-on, but there is a time and place for everything and swim meets and locker rooms are not one of them. Now stand up.” I stood up and the coach was sitting on the bench facing me. She slid my trunks down to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

Then she took my hand and led me to her office, where she had me sit in her chair, “Now this IS going to hurt a lot, but understand it’s for your own good. I can’t have you ogling the girls and running around like a stiff dicked idiot.” To my amazement, Miss Johnson took off her bra in front of me, exposing those gorgeous big boobs to my view. Her tits were full and snow white against her tanned body, with just a bit of sag to show that they were real, not silicon. Her big brown nipples stuck out like half-inch corks, and it was obvious that she was turned on by whatever it was she planned to do. The coach then put her bra around my waist backwards, pulled my now limp cock up and snapped the bra around me. My dick was trapped under the bra, which held it up and away from my balls. She walked around to the back of the chair and said, “Now spread your legs like a dear.” She bent over the chair and her wonderful breasts were rubbing against my neck and face. “You like that, don’t you,” she said. Damn right, I liked it. I LOVED IT! She reached both of her hands down to my balls and rolled them around in her hands, playing with them and feeling their size and weight. “These are nice ones,” she said, causing my dick to get stiffer than a telephone pole again. She smiled at that, and said … “But it’s time for business, not pleasure – not yours anyway.” Then she walked back around in front of me and knelt down.  

“Come on now,” she coaxed. “Be a good boy and spread your legs wide. It’s time for your real lesson. That with the girls was just a sample.” With no witnesses around, I knew of was in for it. She slapped each of my thighs to make me part them. “Now close your eyes if want to, because this is reallygoing to hurt. I’m notpulling my punches this time,” she added with a sexy voice that almost had me coming on the spot. Miss Johnson then balled her right hand up in a fist in front of me and slowly arched it down to my balls. Her left hand cupped my balls to keep them from rolling with the punches, and she slowly arched her right fist up and down to my balls several times. She was breathing hard with anticipation. “Ready?” she asked. I nodded — and then WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! I bucked my hips and tried to get free of her grip. “I said spread your legs!” she yelled, as I tried to protect my battered balls. She forced my hands away from my balls and pushed my legs apart . Then it was WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! all over again! Seven hard punches into my balls trapped in her hand. I had never felt such pain before in my life. Punch number eight caught me by surprise, since I thought she was through. WHAAAAAAAAAM! The hardest one all.

Next thing I knew I was on the floor in front of the chair holding my burning balls, my stomach muscles churning and me trying hard not to puke my guts out. I knew I must have looked ridiculous having a big hard-on trapped by her bra around me, but right then I didn’t care about anything except the terrible pain in my balls and the cramp in my guts. “All right on your knees, D,” she said after a few minutes with mock sweetness. “Come on, Mr Hard-on, you can do it. Come on baby, get up off the floor and do it for me. Let’s get this lesson over with. Come on, D, up on your knees” You could see by her face how much she was getting off on this. Well, I’m glad one of us was enjoying it, because I sure wasn’t having the time of my life.

I was determined not to whimp out in front of her, so I slowly managed to draw myself up onto my knees. Miss Johnson got down on her knees in front of me and reached between my legs and pulled them apart. Then she suddenly raised up and slammed her right knee into my balls viciously hard, much harder than she had kneed me before the girls. I fell forward onto her, my face into her crotch. Her pussy felt wet and hot through her cotton panties. Still not finished, the swim coach rolled me over to my side, forced my legs apart once again and started punching my balls full force. She pounded them repeatedly until she couldn’t hold my legs apart any more. Finally, she stood up, satisfied. I rolled up into a ball, clutching my poor pummelled plums and gulping in air like a drowning man. I looked up at my tormentor, and she was practically glowing. I’m sure she had climaxed while busting the hell out of my nuts, since she was covered in sweat and breathing hard. She reached down and undid her bra from me, smiling as she did. My newly freed dick began shooting a stream of semen , and I came harder than I ever had before in my life — or ever have since. She had literally pounded the cum out of me.

Miss Johnson watched me spurt with satisfaction. Then she said, “Thanks for the fun, D. I’m sure this is one lesson you’ll never forget. Now lets go take a shower together.” And so we did, though I was in no shape to do more than admire her strong naked body. She let me soap and wash her body everywhere. Under different circumstances, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself. But right then I couldn’t have gotten a hard-on even if I had wanted to. Afterwards, we dressed and went our separate ways and no more was ever said about the incident. My balls ached for days, which was painfully obvious to me at the next match when I did a racing dive into the pool and my balls smacked into the water. Nevertheless, I ignored the distraction and won the race anyway.

We had a great season that year, winning every one of our matches, and then college came and it was just memories. I never saw the sexy coach again after that great last year of high school, and have never been able to connect with the any of the girls who were in the locker room and helped her work over my nuts. (I really wanted to pork that sexy little Kathy!) But if all I have is those great memories, they do too and they will last for many more years. If people will wonder why I sometimes smile to myself, well … let them read this and maybe they will understand.
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